Another Charter-School Abuse Cover-up?

May 18, 2017 by

It’s only “alleged” at this point. We are all presumed innocent until proven guilty. Fair enough. We got the disclaimer out of the way.

Yet another charter school staffer, this time an administrator, is being prosecuted on charges of sexual abuse of a teen-aged student.

The complaint specifies for instances of assault. And consistent with what may be a pattern, officials kept parents in the dark. “What they don’t know won’t scare them” may be their motto.

Silence may be golden but not necessarily innocent. But was there also wilful blindness at “New Visions HS”?

Apparently they’ve learned the lesson of the deleterious effects of bad publicity on the ill-begotten  general pristine reputations of private charter schools.

I haven’t an updated tally of similar cases, but there may be a trend. I have no evidence that would hold up in a court of law, but that doesn’t invalidate my sense that incidents such as alleged at New Visions are disproportionately high compared with public schools and that they are far more prone to being covered-up.

When you encounter reports of alleged abuse by school staffers, make a mental note. And think why it is that many charter schools are quicker to take action against union-organizers than they are against accused sexual predators in their midst.

Ron Isaac

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