Charter School Covers Up Sexual Assault of Student?

May 1, 2017 by

“Impossible!”, the charter school disciples would say. This kind of atrocity could happen only in a public school. That’s why people get on waiting lists the equivalent of lines stretching around the stadium to get tickets to rock star concerts.  We are the rock stars of education, because we care about kids, not special interests, they would add.And two weeks ago, a charter school was reported to have deliberately destroyed evidence of one of their students having been sexually assaulted on a school bus. Ah, but miracles work in mysterious ways: witnesses had recorded the lurid crime on their cellphones. But that was not enough to persuade the school.  According to a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court, they “took active steps to remove, destroy, overwrite and/or eliminate the video”.Although the school, looking into one of those mirrors found in amusement parks, sees itself as blameless, they nonetheless alerted parents and prodded them to check for presumably incriminating videos on their children’s phones and delete them.

The school said they were “deeply saddened” and “deeply concerned about any student affected.”  According to the lawsuit, the student was “forced to leave the school, enroll in an undesired school and will require extensive therapy.”

I have no inside information, but it sure sounds like the school has preemptively volunteered a defense that suggests necessity. Either that or they have no compunctions about carrying the sordid weight of the world on their morally-engaged ( challenged?) shoulders.

“Who knew?” should be their mission statement.Ron Isaac

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