Charter School Scofflaw

Mar 10, 2017 by

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Congratulations to the Port Authority cops who recently nabbed a supervisory administrator of the Harlem Children’s Zone charter school for owing over $14,000 in evaded tolls and unpaid fines.

I don’t know whether her mischief rises to the level of theft of service, but knowledge of it would rob her youthful scholars of some of their innocence. Children don’t give an E-Z pass to authority figures who betray their trust.

Perhaps it was all a misunderstanding. Maybe she extrapolated that since misrepresentation of charter schools as being superior to public schools took no toll on the credibility of private school sympathizers, there would be no toll on a bridge-crossing either.

But getting over on the public is not the same as getting over a span, where the liability is curiously greater.

I have no idea whether cheating is embedded in this scofflaw’s character or whether it finds expression in other areas. But whether it was chronic or an isolated series of incidents, impulsive or premeditated, let us hope that this nominal leader suppresses her urges or habits when in the presence of teachers and children who by conditioning or in theory look up to her.

Ron Isaac


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