Charter School Teacher Moonlights As An Alleged Bombmaker

Feb 28, 2018 by

A teacher at a charter school in Harlem and his brother were arrested recently for possessing more than 30 pounds of bomb-making material with an allegedly incriminating diary that strongly suggested a violent plot.

The charter school teacher’s notes allegedly included “Operation Code Name Flash” and the cryptic prophecy “under the full moon, the small ones will know terror.”

The charter school teacher was allegedly paying students $50 an hour to crack open fireworks to obtain combustible ingredients and acknowledged consulting a source called Explosive Book.

Volatile ingredients and metal fragments found in their apartment heightened suspicion.  The NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner For Intelligence and Counter-terrorism believes that the discovery averted a huge tragedy.

The horrific apparent plot was thwarted by lucky accident.

The charter school teacher suddenly quit. His self-sacking coincided with the busting of a 15-year old student for calling in a bomb threat. Perhaps because he thought himself conscientious, the charter school teacher returned his school-issued laptop, on which a technician subsequently found a digital copy of the so-titled “Explosive Book”

This triggered an investigation that yielded some shocking and unexpected results: an alleged spree of sexual encounters with minors and a prior arrest for rape.

On an early-morning raid of the charter school teacher’s apartment, police found 20 pounds of iron oxide and 5 pounds of potassium nitrate. There was also 2 pounds of confectioner’s sugar, but it does not seem that the charter school teacher’s goal was to bake a cake.

Why do I keep identifying the accused as a charter school teacher? Aren’t such cases so rare as to be statistically insignificant? Couldn’t the miscreant have been a public school teacher?  Yes, but less likely.

One can be nearly certain they would not be a public school teacher. Only cautiously confident they would not be a charter school teacher.  Why?

Because for all their many faults and feeble excuses, when it comes to protecting children from potentially dangerous adults, public schools tend to be dead earnest.  Prior to being hired in New York City, staffers have been fingerprinted, criminal data bases scoured and an absence of a disqualifying history established beyond doubt.

There is ongoing monitoring and red flags are instantaneously acted upon. Upon arrest for even the most minor and fairly quickly dismissed offense, they are ineligible to work around children until cleared or otherwise adjudicated.

Additionally, the Office of Special Investigations, consisting of former NYPD detectives is vigorous to the point of zealousness.

There are even more measures that kick in as needed to safeguard public school students. By and large, charter schools are far more vulnerable to recruitment of staff members with dark secrets.

The probability factor of adventure versus misadventure is just one more reason to prefer public schools to the private commercial operations known as charter schools.

Ron Isaac

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