Charter schools play vital role in public school community

May 13, 2019 by

Buzz Thomas and Robert T. Kimball –

In 25 years, Michigan’s charter public schools community has gone from an idea to a robust community of nearly 300 public schools that educate more than 145,000 students.

Oftentimes when we think of the purpose of these 300 public schools, it’s through the question of who educates kids better — districts or charters? During this National Charter Schools Week, we believe it is time to move beyond this question.

Improving public education is too important of a responsibility for tit-for-tat arguments like this.
The idea behind public charter schools was that charters and districts could coexist within our state’s public education system. Each would have a distinct purpose. While traditional school districts would continue to provide universal programming, charters could be different. These new schools could be opened by teachers, community leaders, and others with a primary purpose to try new things that would spur innovation throughout the entire public system.

Source: Opinion: Charter schools play vital role in public school community

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