Charters Kill True Choice

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The End of Representative Government…

…The Beginning of Global “Governance”

Charlotte Iserbyt – Government of the people, by the people, for the people?! According to Reed Hastings of Netflix you only have 20-30 years of freedom left! Get out to vote now, because you won’t have it in the future.

While many conservatives are out in the political world opposing the CRISIS of Common Core, few realize that the pre-digested, pre-determined SOLUTIONS being proposed and implemented by the powers-that-be (what Dr. Dennis Cuddy refers to as the “Power Elite”) are out to eliminate grassroots America. Bye-bye grasssroots. Bye-bye elected representatives. Hello controlled “governance.”

We already know from the New Orleans experiment that the charter parents are undergoing intensive re-education so that they will “buy into” a new structure of governance, which is top-down control. (read “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the Village” for details). Now we know a little more of the story. Reed Hastings tells all.

You can read the complete transcript of the Reed Hastings address to the California Charter Schools Association at my blog: Below are some key excerpts.

“Charter schools are very challenging….All of you are warriors every day as leaders of charter schools, teachers of charter schools, advocates of charter schools. It’s very hard work; an everyday grind. And, then you get to come to this conference….

“But, it does give me a chance to talk with many of you and with your colleagues around the country in trying to understand more about this puzzle of charter schools; how do we succeed politically, why is it important, why do different constituents fight with us? Why do school districts have such a difficult time? And so I thought I would start by sharing some of those reflections with you. It starts with a love affair. So, I fell in love 14 years ago with Roy Romer. Roy Romer was the former governor of Colorado, a very sophisticated politician. He basically volunteered to become the superintendent of Los Angeles Public School District in June of 2000. There was great excitement about how he was able to galvanize the philanthropic community, the political community, the business community, teachers. He had a real touch for people and for 6 years…. Then what happened was the school board changed enough that he got thrown out!…”

Roy Romer, former governor of Colorado, is a familiar name to those of us who opposed Outcome-Based Education 25 years ago. In his platform of the National Governors Association, he chaired the Education Commission of the States, and worked to further the agenda of education reform. In case the reader isn’t up to date on Romer, here is his latest bio, which indicates he is still a major change agent in education reform circles, heavily financed by the Power Elite:

“On June 7, 2000, he became Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, where he served for six years….On April 25, 2007, Roy Romer began his service as the chairman and lead spokesman for Strong American Schools, a nonprofit project… funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Eli and Edythe Broad foundation….” (Source)

via Charlotte Iserbyt — Charters Kill True Choice.

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