Check Out This University’s Bizzaro Art Exhibit

Sep 27, 2013 by

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art is subjective and all that – but some of the pieces in a new art exhibit at the University of Connecticut’s Contemporary Art Gallery are downright creepy and disturbing.

There’s the sleepwalking mannequin dude in his tighty-whiteys. There’s this guy combing a young boy’s hair with some serious pedophile undertones going on. There’s an infant lying facedown and almost dangling off a bus seat. There’s some guy hunched over with a chair strapped to his back. And of course, there’s the topless chick, there’s always gotta be at least one.

“A moment of unwanted recognition that makes sense even though it shouldn’t,” states the description of the exhibit online. Yeah, or maybe it doesn’t make sense.

UConn’s Daily Campus student newspaper reports the exhibit, called “Uncanny,” is a joint collaboration between an art professor/co-curator of the gallery and students. “Off kilter,” “odd” and “unmistakably different-looking art” are some of the ways the newspaper described the collection.

Well, considering last spring a UConn student accused the university’s new Husky dog mascot of wanting to rape her, and just last week the school hosted a seminar to teach students how to reach orgasm, it sounds like UConn marches to its own drum.

Let’s be clear, UConn has hosted female how-to orgasm seminars for seven consecutive years – way before the campus Sex Week trend took hold nationally.

In case you missed it, at the orgasm workshop held at the university in 2007, the sexperts advised students that the best vibrator ever is the Nimbus 2000. Yes, as in Harry Potter’s broomstick. Granted, it’s the muggle-toy version.

Click here to view the Facebook photos of the art exhibit, which debuted this week at the campus-based art gallery, part of the UConn School of Fine Arts.

Check Out This University’s Bizzaro Art Exhibit.

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