Check Out Up-to-Date 2018 Topics for Argumentative Essays Writing

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Sometimes teachers are not sure what topics their students should create essays on. The main thing to remember is that the issues should be really interesting and concern the current situation in the country and society. Look through the following ideas!

The most important argumentative essay topics of 2018

The media has already introduced the main issues of 2018, which are women’s rights, sexual harassment, the tax code, unions, prescription drug abuse, cryptocurrency, DACA, healthcare etc. Students should not only complete the required tasks but those tasks should be connected with the up-to-date news and issues. Students should be completely involved in thinking through these ideas and issues. They should develop their critical thinking, as our students are future leaders, they should be well-aware of how to proceed with important changes.

We offer you to look through the top five topics, which our students should interact with to stay aware of the current issues.

DACA and Dreamers

One of the most important issues of the US Congress is connected with the deportation of “Dreamers”. These are people, who were brought to America in an illegal way as minors. The US President, Trump, has repealed DACA, that`s the policy which provided support and protection to those dreamers. The question remains open, when and where these people will be made to leave the country.

Regulations of social media

Troll farms played an enormous role to interfere with the presidential elections in 2016. Possible propaganda, which might be spread through Facebook and Twitter, is being investigated by the US government in order to understand the issues and decide what actions should be taken.

The year of a woman

The powerful speech was delivered by Oprah Winfrey at the 2018 Golden Globes considering women, this the media calls this year “The Year of a Woman”. Is now the right time for this? Is it the sign of a real change? There are lots of question which arise concerning this issue.

Sexual harassment

There become more and more victims of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in all spheres of our life. Within the years, this topic was banned to be spoken about aloud. But the time has come, and people should know the truth and think together how to stop such incidents.

Prescription drug abuse

The number of prescription drug abuse is high as it has always been if compared to other ways of drug usage. More and more people get addicted because of this. The government spends lots of money on drug addiction treatment. How can be prescription drug abuse stopped? Students can share their ideas concerning this issue.

These are the possible topic, which can be offered to students. They concern the spheres of our life and the issues, which are actual for now. The main task of academic assignments is not only to develop writing skills but build opinions concerning important issues as well.

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