Cheerleader banned for tweet on illegal immigrants

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A local high school cheerleading captain was disciplined after she sent out a tweet about illegal immigrants.

She says it was a political statement, not a racial one! FOX25 spoke with the teen who says she was taking a page from Donald Trump. Caley Godino is a senior at Revere High School and she says part of their homework is to watch these presidential debates and her tweet was simply about a hot button issue in the headlines.

“When only 10 percent of Revere votes for mayor cause the other 90 percent isn’t legal,” Godino said in the tweet.

She says it was a response to a tweet from her teacher about the low voter turnout for November’s mayoral race. Caley says she meant her tweet as a political comment not a racial comment.

But after other students complained, the school stepped in. Revere Superintendent Dianne Kelly says the district believes in freedom of speech, but cannot support what she calls insensitive language.

“If you’re going to stand up and say something that other people will find offensive- than you need to be prepare to deal with the ramifications of that,” Kelly said.

Caley’s mother says her daughter who is the high school’s head cheerleader is now banned from cheering for the rest of the season and doesn’t think the punishment fits the crime.

Kelley said, the school did not discipline Caley because of the tweet alone. But because of student privacy, she couldn’t comment on specifics.

“I would just say that, not everything you read is a full story of what’s happening,” she said.

Caley’s mother told us the school decided to discipline her daughter because of the intense backlash. And because of this controversy, the school is now creating a group of teachers and students to come up with a curriculum about diversity and acceptance.

Source: Controversy over local high school student’s tweet – Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

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    In my opinion this girl’s constitutional rights have been severely VIOLATED…
    This is still the United States of America and there is a thing in this country called freedom of speech.. That includes ALL speech not just speech that is politically correct..
    This girl is correct, there way too many ILLEGAL ALIENS in this country, and they need
    to be deported the hell out of here.. They are an unwanted and unneeded burden on the financial resources of a country that is already so far in the hole we can’t even see
    the light at the top of the financial abyss we are currently free falling into..
    Personally I’m real proud to see that there are still American patriots among the school age kids who are not afraid to speak their mind and tell it like it is.. It gives me hope that not all of our children will be conformant. toe the line, OBAMA-BOTTS, And will stand for what is right, and condemn whatever is wrong with this country.. If she were running for congress I’d be voting for her…….

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