Which Is Better For My Child Daycare or Nanny?

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One of the questions that many parents struggle with is whether to send their child to daycare or hire a full-time nanny. Although hiring a nanny is a perfectly acceptable choice, there are some advantages of daycare over nanny care that are worth exploring. Ultimately, the best choice is what is good for your child. Below are some of the reasons why daycare might be a better choice than hiring a nanny.

Cheaper Option

Although you want what’s best for your child, finances often dictate what is practical. Hiring a nanny is more expensive than daycare simply based on the structures of both choices. A nanny depends on you for her entire income while a daycare pools money from multiple clients, allowing the business to charge lower prices. If finances are a major concern, a daycare is naturally a better choice in this case.

Exposure to Diversity

Children at a daycare come from all kinds of backgrounds. According to Leslie Street Daycare, when choosing a daycare, there are a lot of things to consider in deciding where to send your children for their first big experience with other children. Your child will interact with children and caregivers from different cultures, religious beliefs and so on. This diversity is difficult to teach at home and tolerance is only developed through interaction with different people and cultures.

Real-World Lessons

The nature of daycare means that the child is exposed to activities and situations completely different from a home or family environment. Through interaction with peers, your child learns valuable real-world life lessons such as socialization, turn-taking, sharing and working together. These lessons are difficult to impart at home with just the child and the nanny.


Many daycares provide breakfast and lunch so that takes preparing packed meals out of the equation. The child is also exposed to different kinds of foods that he normally wouldn’t have at home. In addition to this, the child is guaranteed a Wildwood Missouri child care provider at all times. You don’t have to worry about a nanny calling in sick or running late. At a daycare center, you can be assured your child has full supervision and attention with no exceptions.

Choosing a Daycare Center

The quality of childcare at a daycare of course depends on the facility you choose. Some of the factors that play a role in choosing the right daycare include;

  • Asking about your child’s dietary accommodations in case of allergies or special diet needs
  • Physically touring the daycare center to ensure you are happy with the environment the child is in
  • Ensuring that the daycare has an acceptable teacher to child ratio (at least 1:4)
  • Convenient operating hours


A daycare has many advantages over hiring a nanny. It is imperative that you choose the right daycare utilizing the points featured above. Ultimately, do your research and keep in mind what is best for the child to guide you in making the final decision.

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