When your child isn’t safe at school

Apr 13, 2017 by

April is Autism Awareness Month

Parents always want to protect their children from harm. For parents of kids with special needs, their concerns are heightened. School is supposed to be a safe place for students, including those with disabilities. But when it’s not, it is a betrayal.

A family in Novi feels very betrayed by the school their autistic son attended. They shared their story this month in the Autism Alliance of Michigan’s newsletter. April is Autism Awareness Month. When their son told them a classmate — also with a disability — had inappropriately touched and sexually harassed him for months, they were shocked and outraged.

“February 27, 2014. The day is seared into my mind,” the mom writes. “It is the day my husband and I learned that our autistic, seventh-grade son, Joe, had been sexually abused by an emotionally impaired student at Novi Middle School for the past six months. Our sweet, innocent boy.”

Source: Jacques: When your child isn’t safe at school

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