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Village of Burikhil in Parwan Province. Shiba, 12 years old, has been attending school in the village of Burikhil, where she was born, for four years now. She has one brother and four sisters wtih one being older than herself. She and two of her sisters study in this school, in the same Grade 3 class, but the other children are too young. Her father is an ironsmith who works in Kabul and returns home on Fridays. Her mother works at home doing chores. Shiba and her sisters walk to school every day-six days a week-the only day at home is Friday. On Fridays she helps her mother with chores in the house-like sweeping and washing pots-or playing with other girls in the village. Her favorite subject is Pashto because she enjoys learning other languages besides her native Dari. She also learns some English which she also enjoys. She feels its important in a country like Afghanistan to learn languages because there are many different types of people here. When Shiba graduates she would like to become a teacher. Her mother didn’t really go to school knows how to read and write, but only very little. Shiba’s family encouraged her to go to school and she wanted to attend school because she knows that it is important. “I like comiing to school and I like to learn. School makes me happy because I can learn things and when I grow up I will be able to to each others these things. I am not scared coming to school-there is nothing to be scared of. I have all my own school books-the teacher get sthem from CARE and she gives them to us.” Shiba starts school at 8 o’ clock in the morning and goes home at 11. After helping her mother do some work around the house she completes her homework and studies.

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