Children of LGBT Parents Come Forward to Reveal Sickening Reality

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Kirsters Baish| While America is the land of the free, there are certain people who are taking advantage of their “freedoms” in ways that are ruining the lives of children. More and more we have seen gay and lesbian parents adopting children and having children through sperm donations. Many Americans had issues right from the start, questioning if there would be lasting negative effects on children raised in LGBT homes. One woman has come forward to explain her experiences growing up with two mothers. Her story is shocking.

A 24-year-old woman from Australia named Millie Fontana decided it was time to share her story with the world. She stood in front of hundreds of people at the Australian Christian Lobby in 2015. She gave a 13-minute speech in which she explained what the other side of being a “donor-conceived child” was like, and it was heartbreaking.

Fontana explained, “I knew that I loved both of my parents but I could not place my finger on what it is I was missing inside myself.” She new that she had wanted a father even though she couldn’t quite get the point across. She truly didn’t know what it was like to have that figure in her life. 

She went on saying, “when I hit school, I started to realize through observing other children and their loving bonds with their fathers that I really was missing out on something special.”

She explained that when she worked up the courage, she began to wonder about where and who her father was. She started questioned her moms. They began lying to her to hide the truth.

“I was lied to throughout school, I was told that I didn’t have a father or that perhaps they didn’t know who he was.”

Fontana explained that her mothers tried to push an agenda on her that was simply unfair. They forced her into accepting partial truths, because they chose to use a sperm donor.

She stated, “when they chose what parts of my identity were acceptable to reveal to me, they took something from me and where other children were able to look in the mirror and reconcile those missing parts and say, ‘I love my mothers or my fathers,’ I could not because in my eyes, who were my parents to decide what parts of me were acceptable to reveal to me?”

She did admit that her story isn’t a very common one. She stated that was most likely “because nobody wants to hear about the other side of the rainbow. The side that is not catered for, that don’t grow up happy and grow up with a dissenting idea of what a family structure should be.”

Millie did meet her father when she was 11 years old, and she felt that she was finally able to fill that void. Her story is one of many that will likely come into the public’s eye at some point. She explained that political correctness cannot trump human nature.

“We (children of same-sex ­couples) want our mothers and ­fathers,” she went on. “I don’t understand why ­society is so fiercely rejecting such a natural concept that is acceptable in every other family structure.”

It’s hard for Americans to think that we would decide who can and can’t raise children, but what if the very people raising that child are the ones who are tearing said child apart? Wouldn’t it only be right to create a better opportunity for that child? LGBT homes are simply not the traditional way for children to grow up, and it is important for children to have both paternal and maternal figures in their lives.

Source: Children of LGBT Parents Come Forward to Reveal Sickening Reality

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