Children’s cartoon shows gay knight marrying older man

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Parents need to fully understand that their children are being targeted by the homosexual movement. A proponent of traditional values is concerned how children are being affected by the homosexual message.

Informed that a children’s cartoon features a boy “knight” marrying a “prince,” you…

One example of how desensitizing homosexual content reaches children is a cartoon (see video below) playing on Hulu, “The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived,” in which a young boy rescues a prince and princess, and then marries the prince, who is an older man.

The animated short film, based on a previously published children’s book by Daniel Errico, premiered on May 28 to commemorate Hulu’s celebration of gay pride.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality explains that this type of video content is meant to influence how children react to homosexuality.

LaBarbera, Peter“It’s very sad; they’re robbing the kids of their innocence,” he says. “They’re only giving them one side of the story. They’re manipulating these young minds.”

“Kids deserve stories and fairytales that represent the whole spectrum of human love and experience,” Huffington Post proclaimed of the cartoon. “Now, one video streaming service is helping make that a reality.”

LaBarbera also points to another video involving children that tries to normalize transgender people.

The children are shown photos of Bruce Jenner and “Caitlyn” Jenner, and the story explains that the children’s reactions “are more mature and more civil than most people’s who have been taking to Twitter to express their negative thoughts.”

“These are radical gender ideologues and their target is our kids,” LaBarbera tells OneNewsNow. “I think most parents are just unknowing and naïve about how great this effort is to push this propaganda.”

The result of that propaganda and clueless parents, he says, is “a whole generation is brainwashed on these issues, and it’s changing the entire nation.”

LaBarbera says that’s all the more reason for parents to know what their children are accessing on television and social media.

More importantly, it’s a need for parents to discuss the issue with their children from the standpoint of a biblical worldview.


Source: Children’s cartoon shows gay knight marrying older man

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