China and India are rising because of wealth creation

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China and India are rising because of wealth creation. They have learned well from their American tutors. Now, as in the case of America, China’s economic strength is going to translate into military strength and ultimately cultural power. It may seem hard to believe, but Chinese cars, Chinese fashion, Chinese music, and Chinese food are going to become cool. These changes will not be the result of Chinese conquest but of Chinese wealth creation. In this sense, China is enjoying earned success, and so to a lesser degree is India. In general, I’m delighted to see this success. The Chinese and the Indians have adopted for themselves some of the spirit of 1776. I am also pleased to report that the rise of the East will also bring with it the end of progressivism. Part of this is natural: once a nation declines, many of its priorities and ideologies decline with it. In the past the Chinese, the Indians, and the Brazilians would attend international conferences and nod obligingly when Western progressives bloviated about their political preferences. But now the reigning mantra in Asia, Africa, and South America is “modernization without Westernization.” The term “Westernization” here means progressivism. The East has no intention of rejecting Western technology or Western economic structures. Rather, it is increasingly rejecting Western values. For the most part, these are not the values of 1776; they are the values of 1968. The East doesn’t want to see the moral erosion, the family breakdown, and the vulgarity of popular culture that it associates with America and the West. These are not “American” traits; they are progressive traits. The Asians agree with American conservatives: they reject progressivism and want as much as possible to keep it out of their societies. “We have healthy homes and healthy communities,” one Indian told me. “Why would we want to import all this filth?” At one time, the East wanted to be modern and Western. Then it wanted to be modern and didn’t mind being Western. Now it wants to be modern without being Western.
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