China says political education for students now back on track

Mar 16, 2018 by

BEIJING (Reuters) – After admitting last year political education for university students in China was outdated and unfashionable, the education minister changed track on Friday and said the classes were now so popular seats were as hard to get as train tickets at Lunar New Year.

Beijing has campaigned against the spread of “Western values” at universities, and the ruling Communist Party’s anti-corruption watchdog has sent inspectors to monitor teachers for “improper” remarks in class.

Speaking on the sidelines of the annual meeting of last year’s parliament session, Education Minister Chen Baosheng said students were often there in body but not spirit at political education courses, in a rare admission of the difficulties faced enforcing a key government policy.

But in the last year there had been big changes, Chen said at his annual news conference coinciding with this year’s parliamentary meeting.

The ministry had sent more than 200 experts in political education into more than 2,500 higher education establishments and sat in on more than 3,000 classes, Chen said.

Questionnaires were given to more than 30,000 students of whom more than 91 percent said they now found the classes “edifying”, he added.

Source: China says political education for students now back on track

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