China’s concentration camp lies once again unmasked

Sep 25, 2020 by

by Tom Rogan –

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly this week, President Xi Jinping claimed that China only wants to “join hands to uphold the values of peace, development, equity, justice, democracy, and freedom shared by all of us.”

Not so fast.

A new report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute shines a light on one area of Chinese government policy which slightly, just slightly, undermines the credibility of Xi’s fine words. The Institute does immensely important work documenting the ongoing abuse of the Uighur Muslims who have been thrown into a vast network of concentration camps in northwest China. While detained in these camps, Uighurs are subjected to forced sterilization, servile labor, and Communist indoctrination. Or put another way, kind of like what the Nazis did to Jews, Romanis, and the disabled. Or what the Soviet Union did to those unfortunate enough to end up in its gulags.

Of course, Xi says this is all lies. Beijing claims the camps are actually quite friendly vocational training centers teaching life and job skills. It also asserts that the camps are now being wound down.

The Institute just threw a spanner in that deception narrative. Its new report has “identified and mapped over 380 sites in this [concentration camp] network across Xinjiang [province], counting only re-education camps, detention centers and prisons that were newly built or significantly expanded since 2017.”

It’s more proof of the exigent global truth of our times. Namely, that communist China is an evil empire with no regard for the rights of anyone outside of its Politburo. Contrary to Beijing’s claims that the camp network is being rolled back and is primarily focused on vocational training, the report identifies 107 suspected maximum security facilities that have been “significantly expanded or been newly built since 2017.” The report notes that “Visually they all look very similar with a distinct architecture: high walls, multiple layers of perimeter barriers, watchtowers, dozens of cell blocks, no apparent outside exercise yards for detainees, single bridge entry for guards to the perimeter wall. These facilities are often co-located with other (lower security) detention facilities and likely still include convicted criminals from not only Xinjiang but other parts of China as well.”

Think about those findings. Rather than reduce their concentration camp system, Xi has instead expanded its worst edges. Rather than keep political prisoners separate from hardened criminals, Xi has simply thrown them all together. Rather than admit to the world that China has made a mistake it is now correcting for the sake of those hallowed values Xi proclaims, Xi’s minions simply say carry on and say that they have been libeled.

Put simply, it’s a very sick joke. One that only Xi, the evil clown, could think up.

Source: China’s concentration camp lies once again unmasked

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