China’s millennials are coming

Jan 9, 2017 by

Tom Watkins – This new generation of Chinese is poised to shake and shape the world

The “Little Red Ants” of another era are coming of age and are unlikely to be as accommodating or as willing to stay the course as the 21st century unfolds. What will this mean to China and the world?

Unlike their parents and grandparents, this new sea of Red Ants did not grow up fighting Nationalists. They did not starve during Great Leap Forward or wave a “Little Red Book” as part of the Red Guard during Mao’s China’s Cultural Revolution. The torch had already been passed from Mao to Deng Xiaoping when they were born so they did not experience the sea change from Marxist ideology to their current reality of consumer products and capitalism albeit with Chinese characteristics.

Nor did they gather in Tiananmen Square calling for freedom, democracy and an end to official corruption, only to see their dreams crushed under the tanks of the People’s Army.

No, this generation has witnessed their China as a rocket blaster towards growth and change that is just now beginning to lose a little thrust.

This new generation of Chinese is poised to shake and shape the world. The 1.4 billion question now is: What shape will this generation of Chinese, who came of age while China recaptured its quest for wealth and power, take?

Source: Watkins: China’s millennials are coming

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