Chinese globes sold in Canada ‘cut Kashmir out of India map’

Jan 4, 2018 by

This is the third such instance since December to have been highlighted by concerned Indo-Canadians. Two of the globes were manufactured in China and sold at mainstream Canadian outlets.

On New Year’s Eve, as Sandeep Deswal visited a store at a mall in Malton, a suburb of Toronto, he purchased a small globe for his daughter, six-year-old Ashmita. She had written a letter to Santa asking for a globe and her parents were thrilled at being to fulfil her wish.

However, once they returned home and examined the item closely, they discovered that the state of Jammu and Kashmir had been shown as separate from India. “She was asking, ‘Where’s India? Where’s Canada?’ Then I saw a discrepancy on the top (of the map of India),” Deswal told Hindustan Times.

Deswal said he would raise the matter with the store in question. But he was concerned over how the erroneous depiction of Indian territory would influence children of Indian-origin like his daughter. “If we don’t tell her Kashmir is an integral part of the country, she will get a different image of India. The next generation will believe something else,” he said.

Source: Chinese globes sold in Canada ‘cut Kashmir out of India map’ | world-news | Hindustan Times

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