Chittenden County student enrollment eludes statewide trend

Nov 4, 2017 by

Densely populated Chittenden County eludes statewide student enrollment trends, according to data culled from the Department of Education website, but the schools are subject to statewide mandates regardless.

When Vermont Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe, facing an Education Fund budget gap, advised superintendents to take a good look at the student-to-teacher ratio in districts across the state, Burlington parents wondered how the statewide suggestion to reduce staff could be applied in their children’s schools.

When asked about the rural versus urban divide, Vermont Department of Education spokeswoman Haley Jones stated staff numbers should correlate to student enrollment regardless of the district’s population size.

“It is easier for larger systems like those we see in Chittenden County to manage ratios than it is in smaller systems,” Jones wrote on behalf of Holcombe. “For that reason, thinking about ratios and how we invest in staff is a responsibility of all systems: are we hiring the right staff, and the right number of staff?”

Source: Chittenden County student enrollment eludes statewide trend

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