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If you have no idea about what a chorus pedal is, don’t worry. We are here to give you a great intro and get to know you with this amazing gadget.

A chorus pedal is the best way to produce thicker sound from one signal. First, what you need to do is to the take the source signal. After that, you have to double it and in the end, settle the 2nd signal a little bit out of tune.

Chorus pedals give the effect like there are two instruments being played at the same time. They give more quality to the sound you produce. It’s sound richer and lush. Well, it’s one of the must-have accessories that you must learn more as you go one step further on your guitar journey.

Effects multiprocessors and stompboxes with chorus sounds change the signal coming from the bass or guitar, or any other instrument. It does that by adding the 2nd sound. But, there is a delay and it gives a difference in pitch. The effect sounds similar to the chiming sounds like 12-string guitars played at once. The sound produced naturally because of the strings that differ in time and pitch as well.

However, with electric instruments, the chorus sounds like the exact signal that’s running through two amps. The thing is that there is a tiny delay between them.

The chorus pedal makes the bass sound thicker and deeper. The same effect gives to the rhythm or solo guitar. Chorus pedals are a great choice to be used with distorted sounds. Also, chorus pedals are great for creating clean sounds. They can be used with a stereo amp rig because the chorus will give spaciousness.

Also, a lot of acoustic guitar amplifiers give a clean chorus effect. It also does that by adding depth to the sound that is amplified. The chorus pedals can come in handy when you want to thicken the tone of the guitars (acoustic or electric).

Reverb pedal is another great choice as an addition for giving your tune a different style.

What should you look when you’re looking for a chorus pedal?

When you’re thinking of buying a chorus pedal, you better go with the pricier product. That’s because chorus pedals take a lot of work behind the gadget. So, it’s to find a higher quality chorus pedals with some good design if you want to produce a good sound. If you buy a cheaper model, that would be the kind of sound it’s going to produce, cheap and low quality.

What you should be on the lookout when you’re buying a chorus pedal, it’s the range of sounds that it’s going to produce. So, you would want a product that will help you produce sounds that are subtle to sounds that are more intense. You would want intense sounds that skilled world-famous musicians are using.

Another thing you have to be careful about is that your chorus pedal needs to be voiced according to the rig that you’re using. So, let’s say that your chorus pedal is emphasizing the bass and gives low to mid frequencies, it would be a disaster for your entire set-up. You might even ruin your set-up if you’re chorus pedals are too bright.

What we suggest is to do a lot of research before you purchase a chorus pedals. There are a lot of options on the market out there and you will surely find what you’re looking for. You have to know what you’re getting for your hard earned money.

There are two types of chorus pedals. There are digital and analog chorus pedals. Now, there has been a long discussion about the differences between them.

There are die-hard fans of the analog chorus pedals. They say that it’s the best choice because it gives a superior sound. Other types of chorus sounds give a sound that leans more towards digital units.

In all honesty, analog pedals sound a little warmer in contrast to the digital pedals. Digital pedals give brighter sounds.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide what is right for you. Every musician has a different experience. Maybe you can see what your favorite musician is using and you can replicate that.

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