Chris Christie to heckler: Public schools need competition

Mar 14, 2013 by

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blasted the current state of public education when challenged by a heckler at a recent town hall meeting.

A man in the audience continuously interrupted the governor while he spoke about education, leading Christie to fire back in his usual brash manner.

For a brief moment, the exchange became tense.

“I’ve heard you eight times, okay?” said Christie, after being interrupted again.

Then the governor gave a rousing defense of school choice.

“Nothing else in our society works without competition, and public education won’t work for everybody unless it does, too,” he said, promising to introduce private competition — like charter schools — to the education market in New Jersey.

The governor’s statement drew applause from the audience. Soon after, Christie joked about the confrontation.

“Alright, now we got some action,” he said.

via Chris Christie to heckler: Public schools need competition | The Daily Caller.

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