Christian Arrested, Jailed, Over ‘Hate Crime’ for Preaching from the Bible in Scotland

Feb 6, 2017 by

Cited Genesis, thrown in a cell

By Kieran Corcoran –

An evangelical Christian was arrested, thrown in a cell and dragged to court for an alleged hate crime for citing the Bible in a conversation.

Gordon Larmour, a Scottish street preacher (pictured above) was arrested for his response to the question “What does your God think of homosexuality?”

Larmour told how the encounter – on a Sunday night in July in his hometown of Irvine, Ayrshire – ended with his incarceration after he cited the Book of Genesis to the young man.

In an interview with the Scottish Mail on Sunday, he said that he responded to the question by saying God created Adam and Eve to create children, and that the Bible says that Heaven, Hell and Judgement Day are real.

He told the Mail:

The boy went off on one. He was drunk and he was swearing.

I could feel things were going the wrong way so I walked away. I did turn around and I said to the boy, “Don’t forget to repent your sins, because there is a Heaven and Hell and a Judgment Day”.

He came running across the road and he went to hit me so I just said, “I don’t want any bother”. Then police came and he told them a pack of lies.

He was very drunk at the time and he claimed that I was chasing him and pushed him but all I did was answer his question about what God says about homosexuals in the Bible.

Police officers arrested Larmour on suspicion of a breach of the peace, and an assault “aggravated by prejudice relating to sexual orientation” – a hate crime.

He ended up in court, but had his case dismissed in less than an hour, according to a press release from The Christian Institute.

The organization’s CEO, Andrea Williams, said: “Freedom of speech is being consistently undermined in the UK, but here is a win for common sense.”

Scotland is becoming an increasingly difficult environment for outspoken Christian groups.

In July a prominent atheist organization in Scotland called for a choir trip run by a Texas church to be banned from the country “pushing their extremely fundamentalist agenda”.

Source: Christian Arrested, Jailed, Over ‘Hate Crime’ for Preaching from the Bible in Scotland | Heat Street

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