Christian university warned about caving to the H-agenda

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A Christian apologist is rebuking an evangelical college for making changes to its student code of conduct, which now allows LGBT relationships on campus.

Despite the reported change, Azusa Pacific University (APU)claims that the biblical principles of human sexuality remain a cornerstone of the school – adhering to the belief that “sexual union is intended by God to take place only within the marriage covenant between a man and a woman.”

The Southern California college had been pressured for years to lift the prohibition of LGBT relationships, and author and speaker, Dr. Alex McFarland, contends that the Christian school has “acquiesced to the homosexual agenda.”

“It is sad to see that yet another once-great institution has fallen, and yet another standard for Christianity and moral truth has caved in to really the bullying tactics of the gay movement,” the outspoken Christian leader argued.

McFarland – host of American Family Radio’s (AFR) Exploring the Word program – gave a sober warning to the trustees and administration of APU.

“They need to remember that they will face Jesus Christ one day, and all of the political correctness in the world will not be worth the betrayal of the Savior – whom they will one day face,” the renowned author contended. “And I just pray to God that other Christian schools don’t show such cowardice and unbelief as Azusa Pacific now has.”

McFarland also asserted that Christian institutions need to care less about being politically correct and be more concerned about being faithful in the eyes of God.

Source: Christian university warned about caving to the H-agenda

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