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“Christine Blasey Ford – the Next Assembly Line Accuser”

By Donna Garner


Here we go with another woman in the ever-growing line of Assembly Line Accusers!

Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of the supposed sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh (to be the next U. S. Supreme Court Justice) that occurred almost 40 years ago were published in The Washington Post yesterday (9.16.18).  Of course, the Washington Post (owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos) hates Trump and is one of the biggest fake news organizations in America today.  In fact, who can believe anything that is published in The Washington Post?

However, the WP is also a master of deception and can write very effective “storybook fiction” accounts that reek with lurid, sexual details and emotion-packed words – almost always aimed at destroying conservative political figures.  This time instead of choosing a used-up, porn queen such as Stormy Daniels (recently arrested with husband filing for divorce), the WP chose a more sophisticated person – a college professor — to try to take down Kavanaugh’s nomination.


Christine Blasey Ford is a 51-year-old California psychology professor at Palo Alto University which is located in the Silicon Valley (home of Google and Facebook – the media giants that are presently in the news for trying to obstruct and destroy Trump and the conservatives). The Silicon Valley is one of the wealthiest, most liberal places in America – almost totally dominated by White, rich Democrats.

According to the WP’s tale of woe, when Christine and her husband were in a therapy session in 2012, she vaguely alluded to an incident she remembered from when she was 15 and had been drinking.  The therapist took notes and released these to the WP for their story. The notes do not mention Kavanaugh’s name but indicate that Christine gave vague details about an attack by students from “an elitist boys’ school who later became highly respected and high-ranking members of society.” No names were listed in the therapy notes.

Filling in the blanks with names now, Christine says Brett Kavanaugh and a friend, Mark Judge (a well-respected conservative author), were “stumbling drunk” and that Kavanaugh tried to remove her one-piece bathing suit; she was able to flee from the scene but claims she was psychologically scarred for years. (Christine admitted she had been drinking at age 15 — hmmm.)

Brett Kavanaugh said, “I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation. I did not do this back in high school or at any time.” Sixty-five women who knew Kavanaugh when he attended Georgetown Prep High School from 1979 – 1983 signed a letter last week saying, “Through the more than 35 years we have known him, Brett has stood out for his friendship, character, and integrity…In particular, he has always treated women with decency and respect. That was true when he was in high school, and it has remained true to this day.”

Christine is an admitted Silicon Valley Democrat who has donated to ActBlue (supports Democrat candidates) and signed a letter in June bitterly blasting the Trump administration for separating children from parents even though the parents are illegally coming into America. 

Coincidentally, Christine just “happened to team up” with Debra Katz, a Washington, D. C. #MeToo sexual harassment lawyer!  In August 2018, Katz recommended that Christine take a polygraph test administered by Katz’s choice of an administrator. Voila!  “Christine was truthful.”


In 8.25.12 at about the same time that Christine and her husband were in a therapy session, USA News released a story entitled “NSA Whistleblower Reveals How To Beat a Polygraph Test: An NSA whistleblower gives away some secrets on how to beat the controversial polygraph test.” —

As a psychology professor, Christine is bound to know exactly how to beat a polygraph test and also how to create a narrative during her therapy session with her husband that would put her in the best light.  In fact, I am not a psychologist; but I bet I could make up a story that would be dripping with enough lurid details that it could effectuate great emotion in my husband, making me look like the innocent victim.  

Questions: Why were Christine and her husband in this therapy session in the first place? 

Were they having marital problems? 

Was Christine trying to make excuses for her short comings as a wife by creating a fictitious tale of “victimhood”?  Just saying…


1.  Christine comes out with these allegations just days before Brett Kavanaugh is supposed to be confirmed to the U. S. Supreme Court. She has sat on these allegations for almost 40 years.

2. Christine is an admitted Silicon Valley Democrat who shared her allegations against Kavanaugh with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who badly needs to shore up her Democrat leftwing voter base so that she can get re-elected in the Nov. 2018 mid-terms.

3.  Christine runs to a Washington, D. C. #MeToo sexual harassment lawyer and passes a polygraph test administered by Katz’s choice of a polygraph operator. Christine’s psychology background would most certainly have prepared her to beat the lie detector results.

4.  The ever-lying/hate-Trump Washington Post releases the lurid, sexual, emotion-packed story yesterday even closer to the nomination of Kavanaugh — previously set by the Senate Judiciary Committee for this Thursday, Sept. 20.


If our nation ever hopes to survive this assault against our Constitutional republic by the far-left Democrats, we have to quit being manipulated by The Washington Post!  If anything should make every one of us get out and vote in the mid-terms against every Democrat on the ballot, this terrible travesty of justice against Brett Kavanaugh should do it.

What we have here is another deceptive, liberal-left woman who at the very last moment is trying to take down a thoroughly vetted nominee who has one of the sharpest legal minds of our time and who has issued over 300 brilliant opinions in 12 years as a judge.  Kavanaugh has already had 65 meetings with Senators, 30 hours of testimony, and answered more than 2,000 questions. Why was he not asked about these allegations several months ago when Sen. Feinstein was supposedly sent this information?  We know why: Distract, Delay, and Destroy – the three D’s being practiced by the Democrats.  

Is America going to fall for this contrived and manipulated, “he-said/she said” tale; or are we going to use our common sense to see through this political morass created to destroy our duly-elected President and to destroy America as we know it?  

Come on, Senators, move ahead with the vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as the next Judge on the U. S. Supreme Court.  Do not let the leftist media govern America based upon who can tell the most salacious, sexually deviant story!

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  1. Paul

    How has this beyond-trumpian rant any bearing on education or educational policy? Unless of course its intended to serve as an example of attempted breitbart-mimicking cyberbullying by grownups. Veniebat, Videbat, Vitrioli Evacuabat.

  2. Watt Watterson


  3. Larry

    I don’t always attack the victims of sexual assault, but when I do, I do it to silence all other victims as well, present and future. Shame, shame shame, Donna Grier. You’d better hope there’s no god to answer to, or you’re going right where you belong..

  4. Joe

    A federal law enforcement official told Fox News, “It’s totally inappropriate for someone to demand we use law enforcement resources to investigate a 35-year-old allegation when she won’t go under oath and can’t remember key details including when or where it happened.”

    Game over. End this delay tactic now.

    • Larry

      Judge Kavanaugh opened the door to an FBI Investigation when he declared he never attended the party in question. This invited charges of perjury if any other witness can place him at that party. Wouldn’t you want to know if the man hearing your daughter’s rape case was a perjuring failed rapist?

      • First the gal needs to prove this happen at all. Women have been knwn to lie so what makes this liberal any different?

        • Michael DeFilipps

          Well lets just get his girlfriend Mark Judge under oath and see what he says or doesn’t fairness work for you young lady.

    • Nana


  5. Dee

    Except for the fact that her therapist came forward to confirm that she sought therapy for the incident years before Kavanaugh was up for the SC, and she also passed a lie detector test. These two facts support her accusation, and given Kavanaugh’s relationship to Mark Judge (a self confessed party boy & alcoholic who actually wrote about his alcoholism and some of his shenanigans with Kavanaugh), it doesn’t look good.

  6. Bob Prostik

    You are making a lot of assumptions. Everyone has the right to have their story investigated. If her accusations are truly without merit, then it will be uncovered. Kavanaugh is hardly a saint.

    • Evidence please. This gal refused to testify and she is a nothing burger liberal Soros puppet.

    • Cory

      Everybody does NOT have the right to have their story investigated.

      A person needs to swear to their story under oath and provide sufficient facts to support that investigation.

      Facts such as when and where would be helpful.

      There aren’t enough investigators in this country to handle every baseless claim that is made.

  7. Rich

    Lots of distractive conjecture and bad photo shopping. Let’s just see what happens. I need a break from trump shenanigans.

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