A Christmas Present: Thomas Ratliff To Get Two Strong Challengers

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“A Christmas Present: Thomas Ratliff To Get Two Strong Challengers”

By Donna Garner



Texans, I just heard the most wonderful news – a real Christmas gift.  


If you have been following Texas education issues at all, you know the name of Thomas Ratliff who is on the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE).  


Thomas Ratliff has been a registered lobbyist for Microsoft since at least 1998; and because the SBOE and the Texas Education Agency do millions of dollars’ worth of business with Microsoft, Ratliff has a direct conflict of interest.


The Texas Attorney General ruled on 8.2.11 that Ratliff cannot “cure” his situation but must resign. (TAG opinion: http://www.oag.state.tx.us/opinions/opinions/50abbott/op/2011/htm/ga-0876.htm )


Instead of doing the honorable thing and resigning from the SBOE, Thomas Ratliff has refused; and even though the Texas House members have the authority under the law to begin impeachment proceedings against Ratliff, they have not had the courage to do so because of the power of the Ratliff family (Bill Ratliff, past Lt. Gov.; Bennett Ratliff, past member of Texas House; Shannon H. Ratliff, registered lobbyist, Ratliff Law firm).   


Now, here’s the Christmas present:  A reliable source just now told me that two strong, well-known conservative activists are filing for Thomas Ratliff’s seat; and if he decides to refile for re-election to the SBOE in 2016, he will have not only one but two solid challengers. 


The even better news is that these two challengers will be heavily funded because people all over this state are sick and tired of Ratliff’s obnoxious behavior.  Disgruntled Texans have already expressed their desire to contribute their time and money to defeat Thomas Ratliff; and these disgruntled people live not only in Ratliff’s voting district but all over the state – some even from out of state.  


Thomas Ratliff’s whole reason for being on the SBOE has been to drive the agenda that creates digitized business for Microsoft and to promote Obama’s social justice agenda in Texas (a.k.a., Common Core, CSCOPE, and other instructional materials that dumb down students while at the same time indoctrinating their minds).  


Hordes of parents throughout Texas have been informing themselves about what is at stake when the wrong kind of curriculum is presented to their children, and these informed citizens are eager to take action by dumping Thomas Ratliff and replacing him with an SBOE member who is committed to the ideals and principles most Texans revere.


Please see below to learn more reasons why Thomas Ratliff should have nothing to do with making decisions that impact millions of students, their parents, educators, and the future of our state.


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8.19.13 – “Thomas Ratliff – Big Bucks from Microsoft – Lobbied for SB 6 and CSCOPE” — by Donna Garner  — EdViews.orghttp://educationviews.org/thomas-ratliff-big-bucks-from-microsoft-lobbied-for-sb-6-and-cscope/



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4.3.11 — “Thomas Ratliff’s Brazen Gall” by Donna Garner – (link no longer active – please write to me offline for copy)   


3.19.11 – “Who’s Behind This Mounting Pressure?” – by Donna Garner – Americans for Prosperityhttp://americansforprosperity.org/texas/article/032011-who-behind-attacks-sboe/



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Donna Garner


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