The City is “warning” its public schools about a “flood” of “illegal” immigrants

Dec 1, 2014 by

Ron Isaac – The City is “warning” its public schools about a “flood” of “illegal” immigrants, according to a tabloid owned by an Australian oligarch.

“Warning”, “flood” and “illegal” have commonly understood overt meanings, but are they here being used to conceal an editorial position that is a subtle form of hate speech?
Floods are disasters. Warnings give a “heads up” of danger. And illegality is wrong by nature.

Are those kids wrong by nature?

Do they represent menace,catastrophe and lawlessness of a type to which Mayflower descendants are immune?

There are demagogues on all sides of the immigration debate.  But whatever one’s viewpoint on the President’s recent action, all people of conscience will obey one dictate: do not use these children’s plight as a political football. Do not isolate them and make them feel like outsiders. Don’t use them as rope to play tug-of-war with.

They are not parties to adult antagonisms. But circumstantially they are accessories.

There is no such thing as a second-class child. As elected Egos and economists toy with the particulars, let’s not yield to those who would degrade us all by keeping them in the shadows.

No child’s humanity is diminished by decree or document.  Let’s welcome them as the equals in the eyes of the law as they are already to the eyes of the Divine


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