Claim: State tells family to enroll homeschooling child

Nov 17, 2015 by

Education officials in Delaware are allegedly insisting that homeschoolers must enroll in the state’s public school system.

A family made that claim to the Home School Legal Defense Association, which has responded by warning other homeschool families in the state.

A homeschooling family says it was informed it had violated state law because an attendance form wasn’t turned in by the October 31 deadline.


But attorney Dee Black with HSLDA says the Delaware Department of Education wouldn’t mail the family the necessary form until it enrolls the homeschooled student in a public school.

The family can’t be faulted for not filing a form that the state refuses to provide, Black tells OneNewsNow.

After the incident, HSLDA sent a letter to all homeschooling parents in Delaware.

“Advising them that if they have been coerced into enrolling their children in public school, they should withdraw that immediately,” Black says.

That’s because there is no Delaware law requiring that.

Delaware considers a homeschooling family a “non-public school” in the state, which requires the same reporting requirements as a private school or religious school. But that doesn’t require enrollment, says HSLDA.

Despite the disagreement, the attorney predicts the Delaware Department of Education will seek legal counsel and soon reverse its position.


Source: Claim: State tells family to enroll homeschooling child

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