Clemson professor who called all Republicans ‘racist scum’ is at it again

Feb 14, 2019 by

Clemson University Professor Bart Knijnenburg drew a firestorm of controversy two years ago when he said on his personal Facebook page that all Republicans are “racist scum” and additional comments that appeared to support violence against the GOP.

At the time, many denounced the statements made by the assistant professor in human-centered computing. They drew national headlines, steep criticism, and one state lawmaker even said he should be fired.

Fast-forward to today, and nothing much has changed, as a series of Facebook comments from January 2019 and last fall from Knijnenburg’s personal account shows he continues to call all Republicans racist. He’s leaving the scum part off, though.

“It’s not just the president who’s a racist. ALL republican politicians are racist, as they fail to oust assholes like Steve King and whichever coward yelled this,” Knijnenburg stated, posting an article about a Republican congressman who shouted “Go back to Puerto Rico” toward Democrats after a group of them had visited there, ostensibly to inspect Hurricane Maria recovery efforts, although others accused them of essentially vacationing during the partial government shutdown.

Source: Clemson professor who called all Republicans ‘racist scum’ is at it again – The College Fix

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