Cloud Telephony is all you need to nurture your business in Canada.

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Are you looking for the next destination for your business’ global expansion? 

Consider Canada, if you ask us. 

With great seed capital, easy government tax policies, global talent, low cost of living, and favorable exchange rates are some of the positives points that make Canada an ideal place for the globalization of your business. It is one of the most preferable for a seed-stage start-up that nurtures, supports, and provides ideal sustainability. As per stats, the Toronto-Waterloo business ecosystem has witnessed 2,100 to 2,700 start-ups operating in the year 2017 alone. The country-wide data are more astonishing. 

So, as you are convinced now that nothing is better than Canada for your global expansion, it’s time to pay attention to what it takes. 

The global expansion comes with its own set of challenges. High investment, low conversation during initial days, improper communication channels, not having toll-free numbers, and workforce shortage are some of the key challenges that a start-up may face. If you want your business to thrive in all these conditions, then you need powerful resources. 

It is good that the businesses of today have cloud telephony at their disposal. With it, they can address various globalization related issues without demanding much. Cloud telephony is the technology that takes communication entirely on cloud space. Calling is cost-effective, unified, and independent from other hardware and software requirements. This is how it is going to help you in business globalization. 

It makes remote working a cakewalk 

Not every start-up will be able to set-up a physical office in the early stage. Some have to operate from remote locations, as well. In that case, cloud telephony will be a great thing to take on board. It inherently supports today‘s remote working culture and comes as a whole package to make it happen. 

All the data transfer, storage, and sharing happen on cloud-space. You can gain easy access to the database, make calls using a Wi-Fi connection, and handle all the menial operations without any software and hardware deployment. 

Customer care management, which was earlier supposed to be possible with physical phone only, can be managed from any of the data-driven devices. Your agents can answer a call from their living rooms and resolve customer queries.

Easy, cost-effective, and growth-driven marketing 

Marketing is what brings business into the public’s eyes. It makes the customer aware of your business and helps you increase your database. However, it is one of the toughest nuts to crack. 

You need to keep track of the outcome of each marketing scheme and know what works and whatnot. For this purpose, Canadian virtual numbers are your best bet as it tracks every call detail from the origin. 

You can set different extensions for different marketing schemes and track which one is appealing to the customers the most. 

You can also do geographic customer targeting with local online phone number. 

Local phone numbers are special online phone numbers that are attached to a local area yet can be operated from anywhere. For example, if you want to target the Toronto-based customers, then you can purchase Toronto local phone numbers and make telemarketing calls from outside the country and city borders.

As it transfers calls over the internet, you are paying far less than what you used to pay with PSTN while doing telemarketing. Now, telemarketing is highly data-driven and cost-effective. 

Please your customers by all means 

No matter what business you do, customer satisfaction is what needs your constant focus. Only those who managed to get hold of this very factor is likely to taste success. Cloud telephony offers the whole suite of features like call forwarding, auto call answering, IVR, on-hold music, multiple extension set-ups, and many more to render great calling experience to the customers. 

It isn’t limited to here. 

With toll-free numbers, you can set your callers free from bearing call incurring charges. This is like a win-win situation for you. First, your callers will be happy as calls are free. Secondly, more and more customers will reach out to you and share their inputs about your service experience, which can be used to improve your service quality. 

Unified communication is what defines success 

Gone are those days when your customers tend to make a call to inquire about your services. Now, they prefer dropping an email or ping you through an SMS. Some also prefer dropping a voicemail rather than waiting for the call to get an answer. 

With such diversified communication, you need to be well-equipped to handle it. Cloud-telephone offers a unified communication facility to you without asking for any further investment. 

Canadian virtual numbers come with the pre-set abilities like auto voicemail to inbox transcription, drop business emails to multiple accounts in one click, send SMS containing links, and arrange a web conferencing. So, there will be no more poor or insufficient communication. 

Final words 

Canada is indeed a lucrative market and needs your consideration for sure. So, don’t delay much and explore the possibilities with the help of cloud telephony.   

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