Clueless Congressmen: NCLB Passes — More Fed Control Over Education on the Way

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“Clueless Congressmen: NCLB Passes — More Fed Control Over Education on the Way”

by Donna Garner



This morning in the U. S. Senate, the ESEA/No Child Left Behind rewrite bill passed 85 to 12 (3 not voting).  Last Wednesday, the U. S. House passed the bill 359 to 64 (10 not voting).  Roll call votes are posted further on down this page.  


Obama has indicated he is eagerly awaiting this bill so that he can sign it.


The Congressmen who voted for this bill ignored the outcries and documented concerns of thousands of Americans who diligently pored through the many versions that led up to the final bill.  Instead of listening to the grassroots people whose children and grandchildren will be the most impacted, the politicians listened to the Washington cartel that either supported the bill to enrich their own pockets or who want to further indoctrinate American children into the social justice agenda.


CLUE:  Let’s see what was said just yesterday at the U. S. Department of Education as they gleefully anticipated today’s vote:    


A state legislator from another state is visiting DC this week for meetings of state legislators who chair education committees. Yesterday they had a meeting at the U. S. Department of Education, and obviously the topic of the ESEA/NCLB bill came up. This is what the USED official said:


According to Emma Vadehra, Chief of Staff, U.S. Dept. of Education, this bill will embed “college and career ready standards” or as we know, Common Core©. They do not expect any states to get away from the standards. It also solidifies the Department’s plans for full pre-K expansion.  It was also stated that the pre-K grants were significant in moving the ball and that states are on the hook financially as well.  The DoE is giddy with excitement at the impending passage of ESSA.


For legislators who were paying attention, there were many other “CLUES” that this NCLB rewrite will be a disaster for America and its children. 


CLUE: Obama has indicated for weeks that he will sign the ESEA/NCLB rewrite bill when it reaches his desk.


CLUE:  Not only did Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid support the ESEA/NCLB rewrite bill, but 37 of our nation’s most left-wing civil rights and education organizations did also:


CLUE:  Along with all of these left-leaning people and organizations, the owners of the Common Core Standards (National Governors Association and the Council of Chief School Officers) also supported the ESEA/NCLB rewrite bill.

CLUE: The American people have grown to hate even the mention of the name “Common Core Standards.” Therefore, the people who put the NCLB rewrite bill together decided they would try to “fool” everyone by making erroneous claims, saying that the bill would give states control over the standards.  


What the ESEA/NCLB rewrite bill really does is to add Baby Common Core for Pre-K as explained by Dr. Susan Berry in today’s Breitbart article, “Sen. Patty Murray Touts More Spending on Education Bill’s Federal Preschool Program” —



Jane Robbins, senior fellow at the American Principles Project, explained clearly in her article from yesterday that the ESEA/NCLB actually increases federal control instead of giving it to the states ( :


The state plan (which includes the state standards) must be coordinated with 11 different federal statutes. These include the Soviet-style Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act that’s designed to connect the K-12 education system to government-controlled workforce-development, the Head Start act that centralizes preschool standards, the Education Sciences Reform Act (which seeks to boost data-collection on students), etc. If the state standards must be coordinated to all these, that means the standards must be either Common Core or something like Common Core – standards that are focused on minimal workforce-development rather than academic knowledge. Standards based on a classical education model, for example, wouldn’t qualify. Given these requirements, states will almost certainly stick with Common Core rather than risk their federal money by trying something else.

Robbins says the ESEA/NCLB rewrite bill also requires that the standards chosen must be aligned to the requirements of higher education.

There’s obviously a huge disparity between the requirements of a community college and, say, Harvard,” she continues. “So since ESSA also requires that ALL students be held to these standards (with the exception of those with the most severe cognitive disabilities), states will obviously choose the community-college standards. Guess what standards are already out there that are (admittedly) designed to prepare students only for community college? Common Core.




Here is the roll-call vote on the final No Child Left Behind reauthorization bill (S.1177 – ESEA) that passed the Senate today on a vote of 85 in favor, 12 against, and 3 who did not vote:




Blunt (R-MO)

Crapo (R-ID)

Daines (R-MT)

Flake (R-AZ)

Lee (R-UT)

Moran (R-KS)

Paul (R-KY)

Risch (R-ID)

Sasse (R-NE)

Scott (R-SC)

Shelby (R-AL)

Vitter (R-LA)



Of the Presidential candidates:


Ted Cruz did not vote today, but he voted “No” yesterday to keep the ESEA/NCLB bill from moving forward to the Senate floor. Ted Cruz has stood strongly and very publicly against the Common Core Standards Initiative since its inception. He is the only Presidential candidate who has said if elected President, he will do all in his power during his first year in office to get rid of the Common Core Standards Initiative and also the Department of Education.  (11.11.15 — “Music to Our Ears – Ted Cruz To Repeal Common Core and Dump the Dept. of Education” – by Donna Garner – EdViews.org )


Rand Paul voted against the final ESEA/NCLB bill today and also voted to keep the bill from moving forward yesterday.


Lindsey Graham voted “Yes” today but did not cast a vote yesterday to keep the bill from moving forward to the full floor.


Marco Rubio did not vote today nor did he vote yesterday to keep the bill from moving forward to the floor.





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Donna Garner

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