CMS Teach for America fee: $510,000

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We won’t see Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ spending plan for another three weeks, but some interesting bits are coming out as the school board start planning. Among them: CMS is paying $510,000 to Teach For America this year to support the 216 teachers the group has placed in local schools.

That may sound like a lot,  especially for those who aren’t fans of the program that recruits college graduates and sends them into high-need schools for two-year stints.  But it’s a far cry from the $10,000-per-teacher figure cited by Mecklenburg County Commissioner Vilma Leake at a meeting with the school board last week.  Leake,  a retired teacher and former school board member,  said she doesn’t think paying the Teach For America fees is a wise use of money as CMS prepares to ask the county for more money.  “That’s going to be a major issue and problem for us,”  Leake said.

School board member Joyce Waddell asked for an update on that item at Monday’s budget session.  Chief Financial Officer Sheila Shirley said the fees aren’t calculated on a per-teacher basis.  But several of us whipped out our calculators to do the math:  It’s more like $2,361 per teacher than $10,000.

Board member Rhonda Lennon asked how CMS can correct false statements that are made in public meetings,  whether they come from officials or members of the public.  Superintendent Heath Morrison said he plans to email all commissioners with the accurate Teach For America fees.  CMS is also keeping budget info posted on its web site.

Stay tuned here for more budget nuggets,  including the latest on the cost of changing school hours,  or bell schedules.

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via Your Schools: CMS Teach for America fee: $510,000.

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