No Coincidence: Stand with the Prophet Rally To Be Held in Texas

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“No Coincidence: Stand with the Prophet Rally To Be Held in Texas”

By Donna Garner



I do not believe it is a coincidence that this Stand with the Prophet rally is being held on Saturday, Jan. 17, in Garland, Texas.  Numerous liberal groups (e.g., Battleground Texas) have been holding their rallies in Texas because we are in the crosshairs of organizations that are trying to turn Texas blue. I also believe Texas is being targeted by the Obama administration because some of our elected leaders have publicly taken a stand against Obama’s overreach (e.g., radical EPA emission regs, Common Core, Obamacare).  


The problem is that some of our earlier elected leaders made some very bad decisions.  It is no coincidence that Texas has the largest number of Fethullah Gulen Turkish charter schools (Harmony Charters) in America.  For many years, the elected leaders who led the way for these schools to form in Texas would never admit that the Harmony Charters are tied to Gulen, an Islamic imam.  Now those ties cannot be denied; and I believe these schools have planted pro-Islam seeds in thousands of students’ hearts over the years, making them very vulnerable to pro-Islam/anti-Christian/anti-Judeo propaganda.


The Turkish Gulen Harmony Charters are full of H-1B visa teachers who are newly arrived from Turkey.  How can these teachers possibly teach students to love America and to value American exceptionalism?  What kind of lessons in these schools are being taught about the Holocaust?  For that matter, how can these Turkish teachers teach students strong English skills when they can barely write an intelligible sentence in English. I have seen some of the e-mails they have sent to parents, and I have talked to parents whose children have gone to these schools and who have withdrawn them.


Now Garland, Texas, is the site of the “Stand with the Prophet Rally.”  Please read the details about the rally in this article: 1.12.15 – “Muslim Leaders To Hold ‘Stand with the Prophet’ Rally in Texas: Georgetown University Prof, Controversial Imam To Attend” – by Adam Kredo —


Here is the webpage that is advertising the event by saying, “Prophet Muhammad inspires love and devotion in the hearts of Muslims, peace be upon him; unfortunately, Islamophobes have turned him into an object of hate…While the US is where this hate machine is based, Islamophobia is causing problems all around the world.”


This is the same rhetoric that Obama uses. Instead of joining the 40 courageous leaders of the world in the unity rally in Paris (e.g., German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu), Obama has instead chosen to wage war against Islamophobes. He and Stand with the Prophet Rally organizers blame the media and Islamophobes in America for the reason that Islam and Mohammed have such a bad reputation in the Western world.  However, could the reason be that Islam terrorists in the name of Allah have continued their vicious killings of thousands of innocent people in Paris, America, Australia, Nigeria, and the rest of the world?    

Scheduled to attend the Garland, Texas, rally is controversial New York-based Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who was an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings trial.  Also scheduled to attend is Georgetown University professor John Esposito who has pushed the narrative that Osama bin Laden was not behind the 2001 Twin Towers attacks and who is also a member of Egypt’s Nazi Party.

The Stand with the Prophet Rally is scheduled for this Saturday, 1.17.15, at 5:00 P. M. at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas.  Tickets are $20 to help pay to organize Muslims to be better able to respond when Mohammed is criticized.

Donna Garner

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    thanks for bashing us muslims…i wasn’t before but now i’ll support soundvision to counter your hate speech…you and all other muslim haters have made life scary for us…if we muslims were so bad, you would already bs in trouble because we are everywhere…

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