Colbert is hilarious on ‘robo teachers’ and Common Core

Oct 24, 2013 by

StephenColbert1-thumb-160x213-5704Stephen Colbert was hilarious Monday night on “The Colbert Report” in a brief bit on the Common Core State Standards and the “robo teachers” — computers — that will be grading standardized tests aligned to the core. Here’s the video and a partial transcript.

Excerpts from transcript:

It’s no secret that America has fallen behind other countries in education… A recent report in Harvard’s Kennedy School found that students in Latvia, Chile and Brazil are improving on standardized tests three times faster than American students. Three times faster. That’s almost twice as much.

Now America is addressing this problem with something called the Common Core State Standards, which The New York Times called “an ambitious set of goals for math, reading and writing skills that children should acquire as they move through school.”

via Colbert is hilarious on ‘robo teachers’ and Common Core.

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