College Athletics in the USA: What to Expect

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College athletics are huge throughout the United States, and they provide students with the opportunity to not only learn inside the classroom, but also on the field or on the court. If you want to become an athlete who’s recognized by the best colleges in the country, continue reading to learn what you should expect.

There Are a Lot of Athletic Scholarships Available

You may not realize it, but there are a lot of athletic scholarships available to high school athletes who are serious about their sport and are dedicated to excelling on the field. If you want to go to a great college but you can’t afford it, you can still manage to go there with the financial aid that you can receive via a sports scholarship. Therefore, do your best to get the best grades possible, but also dedicate yourself to enhancing your skills so you can be recognized by college recruiters who will offer you a scholarship to attend their school. You can also click here to learn about more athletic scholarships that are available to students around the country.

A Sports Scholarship Isn’t Guaranteed

Regardless of how hard you worked to get an athletic scholarship, remember that it isn’t guaranteed. Don’t assume that it will last for all four years of your college career. Instead, you’ll need to renew your scholarship every year, and your coach will play a role in determining whether or not you’re still eligible for the scholarship. This is why there’s a lot of pressure involved with maintaining your athletic scholarship once you’re in college and you’re playing your sport at this higher level.

It’s Easy to Get Distracted from Academics

When you’re attending college with the help of an athletic scholarship and you’re overly focused on maintaining that scholarship, you may end up becoming too distracted to do well academically. However, it should be noted that, even though there is a chance that you can make it to the big leagues if you really work hard, only about 1 in every 25 college athletes will become professional career athletes. Therefore, you really need to be sure you find a way to budget your time between your studies and sports so you can keep your GPA up and get your degree at the end of your four years.

Coaches Can Be Really Tough

Even though you really need to dedicate yourself to your work in the classroom as well as on the field, your coach may not realize just how important that balance really is. An NCAA study revealed that a lot of college coaches actually don’t follow the 20-hour limit for practice each week. If your coach forces you to spend more time practicing, you’ll have less time for homework, and that could hurt your grades and cause unnecessary stress.

Even though playing sports in college can be really exciting, you should know what to expect, including the challenges that you’ll face. Ultimately, though, if you can find the balance between academics and athletics, you’ll love your time in college.

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