College Board chops 8K yrs. from AP World History

Jul 17, 2018 by

student in libraryConservative and liberal scholars alike are up in arms over a decision by the College Board to cut thousands of years of history from the Advanced Placement World History account.

The College Board is attempting to solve the problem of the enormity of AP World History by deleting 8,000 years of human history and start the course at 1450 AD.

American Principles Project Senior Fellow Jane Robbins contends that students will be missing out on a lot by the College Board’s decision to cut out eight millennia of the world’s history.

“There will be no discussion of the origins of any of the major religions,” Robbins pointed out. “And the Crusades won’t be there, and the Plague won’t be there, and Charlemagne won’t be there. So, it’s a very problematic decision that they’ve made.”

Robbins believes that this meat-cleaver approach appears to indicate that the decision was not well thought out.

“Just to arbitrarily say, ‘OK, history is now going to begin in such-and-such a year,’ – cutting off so many things that are vitally important to understanding the world as it is today – doesn’t seem to me to be a very thoughtful way to go about it.”

A petition seeking to prevent the change has already exceeded 11,000 signatures, according to Campus Reform.

Source: College Board chops 8K yrs. from AP World History

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    Janine Largent

    No origins, no discussion of religion even though they are integral to how we got where we are today and where we are going. Just wipe them out and settle into the humanist worldview as if it never happened. Frightening that a select few own the minds of all our youth. Guess they don’t embrace diversity as much as they say.

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