College degree still worthwhile

Apr 10, 2017 by

The return on investment is a series of highly sought after skills that lead to opportunity, Pleger writes

As a university president, I am often asked about the value of college. Many argue that college is too expensive for most and, consequently, the return on investment is not worthwhile.

Unfortunately, there are many who do not fully understand the value of a university education. It is more than a good job, it is much more than earning power — it is about enrichment and opportunity.

College is a transformational experience. A true university education exposes one to new ideas, new subjects, different people and perspectives, and develops the skills of critical thinking, an understanding of math and science, communication skills, information literacy, an appreciation and understanding of the human condition, an appreciation of the arts, and global awareness, and a thirst for life-long learning. These skills also enhance and foster empathy, creativity, curiosity and adaptability.

Source: Opinion: College degree still worthwhile

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