College diversity office releases 40-page speech code

Mar 25, 2019 by

Amherst College president quickly rescinds document after publication 

Amherst College’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion last week issued a 40-page glossary of terms officials said they had created to spell out a common agreement on how to define words and phrases often used at the small liberal arts campus.

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The “Common Language Guide,” emailed to the roughly 1,900 undergrads at the private college, broke down pages of terms under categories such as “isms,” “race and ethnicity, “gender identity,” “class,” “politics and policy,” “global power and inequality” and “disability.”

“This project emerged out of a need to come to a common and shared understanding of language in order to foster opportunities for community building and effective communication within and across difference,” the guide states.

Within a day, the school quickly rescinded the document, replacing it on the Amherst website with a statement from college President Biddy Martin claiming she had no prior knowledge that the guide was going to be drafted and circulated.

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