College Instructors, Workplace Supervisors Don’t Think Common Core is Preparing Students

Jun 13, 2016 by

A new report from ACT Inc. has found that the majority of the K-12 teachers, college instructors, and workplace supervisors surveyed in its 2016 ACT National Curriculum Survey believe that Common Core Standards do not best encompass the college and career skills students need.

“Many people in education and the workplace don’t think some of the English Language Arts and math standards — which are being used in most states — are what students and workers need to be successful in college and career,” The Washington Post said.

For example, while Common Core emphasizes that students be able to master source-based writing, college instructors said they don’t value this specific skill-set when teaching students later on.

When it comes to math standards, the survey also found discrepancies in what teachers and workforce respondents consider valuable skills.

In other words, there are some significant discrepancies in how the standards define college and career expectation and what is actually expected in the college classroom and the workplace.

“Mathematics finding 4 indicates that although middle-school and high-school teachers generally agree about what mathematics skills are important to success in STEM courses and careers, college instructors or workforce respondents ascribed much less importance to those skills,” The Washington Post said.

This is just further bad news for the Common Core, which has barely endured years of criticisms since its less-than-smooth implementation.

Read more about the survey results here.

Source: Education World: College Instructors, Workplace Supervisors Don’t Think Common Core is Preparing Students

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