College professors hunting ‘racist ghosts’

Apr 27, 2020 by

In the face of a pandemic, some college diversity administrators are focusing more on possible discrimination borne from COVID-19 than they are on health risks.

The College Fix reports University of Washington administrator Rickey Hall has retaliated against calling the illness the “Wuhan virus” or “Chinese flu” by arguing that the illness may have originated in the United States.

Rich Holt of Project 21 thinks many college professors are out of touch.

“College professors have nothing better to do but to find racist ghosts under every table and in every closet,” he submits.


He thinks the bigger problem is that Washington University has taken huge sums of money from the Confucius Institute, which is found on campuses throughout the country.

“The Confucius Institute, run by the Chinese government, actively seeks to undermine the values of the United States,” Holt explains. “They seek to undermine our cultural values by invading our college campuses with communist ideals the same way the Soviets did in the ’60s and the ’70s.”

Hall recently hosted a webinar on “discrimination in the age of a global pandemic,” according to Breitbart News.

Source: College professors hunting ‘racist ghosts’

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