College Safe Spaces Don’t Cover Macroaggression Violence Against Conservatives

Mar 22, 2017 by

Daniel Greenfield –

There has been a proliferation of safe spaces for identity politics groups, based on race or illegal alien status, that claim to be oppressed. Much of this oppression involves microaggressions. But there isn’t much interest in macroaggression.

Of the 12 students interviewed by the Manitou Messenger, several have been violently threatened because of their political beliefs, and almost all of them feel as though they can’t speak up about politics on campus – in class, online or with their friends. …

On the night of the election, a student in the Pause threatened to beat up [College Republicans President Emily] Schaller, calling her a “f***ing moron.” Over the next couple of days, she overheard multiple students threaten to hurt the next conservative or Republican they saw. Vice President of St. Olaf College Republicans Kathryn Hinderaker ’19 had a similar experience.

“I think one of the hardest things was, the second day, I went into Buntrock and someone yelled from the bottom, ‘if you voted for Trump, you better be f***ing scared.’ Everyone clapped and applauded,” Hinderaker said. “Obviously, it didn’t feel super safe.”

On Feb. 18, a student posted an unsolicited photo of a group of students that supposedly included Trump supporters and encouraged fellow students to “remember their faces.”

This isn’t a microaggression. Threats of violence are macroaggressions. Overt abuse is a macroaggression. This isn’t a case of “your unthinking assumptions are making me feel alienated”. It’s just hate.

Safe spaces are spaces of privilege. They reaffirm the right to abuse the “Other” who are not illegal aliens or Muslims. Those groups are “allies” who get to set the terms of any discussion. And whose credentials are above and beyond question. Whose feelings can’t even be indirectly hurt by addressing reality for fear of inflicting a dreaded microaggression.

The “Other” is the Republican and the Conservative.

Source: College Safe Spaces Don’t Cover Macroaggression Violence Against Conservatives | Frontpage Mag

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