College student outraged over alleged rapist’s $25 fine

Sep 4, 2014 by

WASHINGTON — Last fall, as she was starting her senior year at the University of Toledo, Sarah was raped by someone she had trusted and considered a close friend. It was six months before she could bring herself to report the assault to officials at the school.

Once she did come forward, Sarah said she suffered a fresh wave of anxiety when she learned how the university planned to punish her attacker: a $25 fine, 10 hours of sexual assault education, and one year of probation.

“The way they handled it was extremely upsetting,” said Sarah, a Cincinnati native who asked that her real name not be used to protect her privacy. Not only was her rapist allowed to remain on campus, but he kept his job as a student worker at the school. Suffering anxiety and depression, she withdrew from classes and finished her studies elsewhere.

On Wednesday, Sarah filed a complaint with the federal Department of Education alleging that the University of Toledo’s handling of her case violated Title IX. That law requires colleges and universities that receive federal funds to investigate claims of sexual assault and provide a timely and impartial grievance procedure to resolve those claims.

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