US College Students Now Support Female Genital Mutilation

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By Julienne Davis –

What do you think about female circumcision or FGM (female genital mutilation)?

Personally, I find it shocking. But shocking in a different way from how the left is increasingly using the issue as the latest—and highly misplaced—socially liberal virtue to rally around.

Recently the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) released a video filmed at Columbia University showing that the majority of students they interviewed were in favor of FGM.

Before I delve deeper into this issue, for those unfamiliar with FGM, it’s a practice performed in 30 countries around the world. Most often it involves an elder or other community member removing all or part of a woman’s clitoris and labia as part of a ceremony that is often conducted around the time a woman reaches puberty, or as part of a marriage ceremony.

The extremity of the practice varies and can sometimes involve a “sewing up” that leaves only a small area with which to urinate and/or menstruate, have intercourse, or give birth. It is estimated that 200 million girls and women alive today have been cut.

FGM occurs mainly in Africa and Middle East, but it is also performed in some countries in Asia, and in migrant communities in the West. In the United States alone the practice has tripled since 1990.

FGM is linked to recurrent infections, difficulty urinating and passing menstrual flow, chronic pain, the development of cysts, an inability to get pregnant, complications during childbirth, and fatal bleeding.

There are ZERO health benefits to the practice, and I agree with those who claim that it is a misogynist practice. It takes away a woman’s ability to experience pleasure from sexual activity.

That said, many women in those regions where it remains a cultural tradition proudly support it and allow themselves to be cut for ‘cleanliness and purification’ and in order to ‘become a woman or a bride’ or to have an ‘honorable childbirth.’

When looked at purely from a medical and health standpoint, I’m sure most readers will agree that the practice of FGM is horrific. However, more and more liberal millennials in the U.S. are equating the practice with certain liberal bingo buzz phrases such as “cultural tradition,” “freedom to choose” or “Planned Parenthood wants to fund it.”

Some of these new student supporters appear in the AFDI video shot at Columbia. This is perplexing. These are supposedly intelligent students at one of the top universities in America, and yet it seems that their power of reason disappears when certain social justice code words are uttered.

It seems that Ivy League millennials are so desperate not to be considered racist or xenophobic or misogynistic that hearing the words “cultural tradition” and “freedom of choice” sends them into a kind of Stepford Wives’ bland acceptance of something they would normally be expected to oppose.

Telling them that the practice is widespread in many Islamic countries would also probably trigger their PC radar, and the fear of being considered “Islamophobic”— yep, another one of those pesky code words—would guarantee their acceptance of FGM.

Yet, at the same time our society is becoming increasingly female-centric, one geared more towards female empowerment and owning our sexuality. Why is there this disconnect? Sadly, it seems that we have reached a point in our society where young students are so indoctrinated by political correctness that they actually cannot say a single bad word about anything that is not part of Western culture.

Let’s call this out for what it is. These are students who have been taught that the West is bad and that all other cultures are not to be criticized. What we have to today is indoctrination being “taught” in even our most prestigious universities rather than real education and the ability to actually have independent thought outside of the indoctrination from university staff, teachers and frankly much of our media.

I would also guess that because the video was produced by the AFDI, which is considered a “right-wing” organization, it will now be considered “fake news,” something emblematic of the “Post-Truth Politics.”

Forget the fact that the students are condemning themselves out of their own mouths.

However, that’s unfortunately precisely what these millennials have been taught to do. If the news source is seen as being even vaguely right wing (eg. Fox News, Drudge Report), then the facts don’t matter. It is considered “fake news.”

In her book Infidel, the writer, former Muslim and anti-FGM activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali describes in horrific detail the pain and trauma she herself and other young girls suffer during this mutilation, and for the entirety of their lives.

The sole purpose of FGM is to stop women from enjoying sex and keep them “pure” —which fits in perfectly with the misogynistic Islamic culture of female submission and subordination.

Ali should be regarded as a universally accepted expert on the subject but, because her writing is considered by some to be—wait for it— Islamophobic, she has instead been vilified by social justice activists on college campuses and her good work towards curtailing the practice of FGM has been negated.

And so the mutilation continues.

Source: US College Students Now Support Female Genital Mutilation | Heat Street

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    Stupid “Gotcha” journalism.

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