Colleges Are Breeding Grounds for Civil War

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Colleges Are Breeding Grounds for Civil War
We have become a nation of angry people. Too many of us carry a chip on our shoulder and find racism everywhere, sexism everywhere, misogyny rampant, homophobia out of control. It is no wonder we have masked leftists lashing out with violence, a new congresswoman making profanity-laced speeches demanding President Trump’s impeachment. We now have a Democrat majority House of Representatives with scores of avowed communists in their ranks who are in no mood to cooperate with the system as founded, but to overturn it.

Heather MacDonald, political commentator, essayist, attorney, and journalist says that universities and colleges in America today are breeding grounds for hate and planting seeds for civil war. Students are being trained by cultural Marxists in faculty and administration and it’s been going on for decades.

Students taught to hate Western civilization, each other

In the 80s, students were told the only thing they needed to know about a book was the author’s race and gender to decide whether it was of value to read. Hence, much of the works of Western Civilization were discarded. It is much worse today.

MacDonald says that the moment a student enters college, the bureaucracy is determined to drum into the student’s head identity politics…that they are either an oppressor or the oppressed. They convince the so-called oppressed that they are owed something, that religion and America will not serve them well, and proceed to beat the ‘oppressor’ into total submission. In the process, they have created a large population of damaged atheist-collectivists that despise their country and the ideals that built this nation.

They carry their victimhood with them as a badge of ‘enlightenment’. They see racism and sexism everywhere they look. Students today go around blaming institutions of inherent racism where it doesn’t exist. As a result, we have a vast amount of young people who refuse to take advantage of the opportunities this country has to offer, thinking they are selling out their ethics, whatever that is.

Solzhenitsyn said it well, but I will have to paraphrase. In the gulag, he would talk to others about communism or their country. What he heard astounded him. The people he spoke with, of course, had been through their indoctrination, and like a doll being unwound, spilled out all the benefits of socialism and communism like it was a recording, with an almost drone-like quality. Ask a college student today about capitalism, Christianity, America’s history.

They have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the ways of socialist dogma. The last several generations of these zombies are now pushing their way to the forefront to see their ethics become universal. They are mean, angry and determined. Their rhetoric has become so vile, the next step can only be mass violence. The Democrat leadership can hide it no longer. They have been overrun by these zombie-like clones bent on crushing this country and are being fed and nurtured by the current leadership that dares not go against their will, lest they lose their power.

With the help and assistance of the Democrat Party, these young socialists have been given enough comfort, consolation, and confidence to now demand change and they will not accept anything less. With millions of illegal aliens in this country with little experience and understanding of a strong democratic republic, Democrats have prepared an evil brew. Where this will lead is too horrible to contemplate.

We, for too long, trusted the education system and our political institutions and while we were not looking they turned our children into enemies of the state.

Source: Colleges Are Breeding Grounds for Civil War

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