Colorado’s new standardized math, English tests set benchmark

Nov 13, 2015 by

A first glimpse at state level results of Colorado’s math and English PARCC test show low performance, participation.

Many Colorado students decided not to take the state’s new standardized tests last spring, and of those who did, few met or exceeded expectations.

The low scores were not a surprise, but the low participation rates, released with the scores Thursday, were much worse than expected and at some grades nearly half of what they were in previous years.

Among high school students, participation in the tests ranged from a low of 50.4 percent for the state’s 11th graders taking the English test, to a high of 70.5 percent of ninth-graders who took the same test.

The federal government requires a minimum 95 percent participation. Colorado officials are requesting a waiver, pending approval, to avoid punishing districts or schools that don’t meet that rate.

In 2013 and 2014 participation numbers by grade level did not drop below 97 percent. This year, in part because of an opt-out movement critical of the new tests, third-graders were the only group to reach a 95 percent participation rate in either the math or the English test.


Source: Colorado’s new standardized math, English tests set benchmark – The Denver Post

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