Coming To America! Google’s Chinese Censorship App and Control Grid

Sep 27, 2018 by

Orwell couldn’t have dreamed of such a dystopian nightmare

Google is helping China establish a censored search engine code-named “Dragonfly” to monitor its citizens’ online activity and blacklist websites and search terms about human rights, democracy, religion and peaceful protest.Meanwhile, a coordinated effort across the internet to censor conservative viewpoints in America has already begun.

The Dragonfly search engine is eerily reminescent of the dystopian social media seen in the hit show Black Mirror’s episode titled, “Nosedive.”

The episode portrays a society controlled by a social scoring system that controls every aspect of the lives of its citizens.

China is creeping closer and closer to implementing a similar social scoring system with the country aiming to have its version monitor all 1.4 billion citizens by 2020.

Some Chinese citizens have already been victimized by the technocratic government such as journalist Liu Hua who has been barred from traveling, purchasing land and taking out loans among other things.

The world’s first digital dictatorship: China’s Social Credit System is already impacting millions

Source: Coming To America! Google’s Chinese Censorship App and Control Grid

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