Commentary: My Evening with Pam Tebow

Sep 14, 2012 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend a function wherein the guest speaker was Mrs. Pam Tebow. For those of you who do not follow football, she is the mother of the football player named Tim Tebow, who, as I understand it, now plays for the New York Jets. ( Why the Denver Bronocs let him go, I have no idea).

Apparently, Tim won a number of honors during his football career, but he is best known for “Tebowing” and preaching about his religion and his spiritual beliefs. He also seems to post various scriptures from the Bible on his face and helmet and the like.

I enjoyed hearing Mrs. Tebow talk about “Timmie” and I enjoyed hearing her story. Apparently she was in the Phillipines doing some preaching and converting and missionary work and became ill. The local physician suggested an abortion, which she declined. And many years later we have Tim Tebow throwing a football and helping others in need. She has a number of other stories that she shared with the audience.

Good speakers typically have a number of stories which they tell. She had her own story, and many stories about life, and what life is all about.

She talks about her mission, and the manual (the Bible) and discusses the idea of a mindset. She talks about ministry and her values, and the values that Tim seems to hold.

One point that she makes is that there is more to life than football, and winning awards. Apparently Tim does a great deal to help children in need, and other individuals who may have lost their way.

I don’t know if she has written any books—she did not engage in any shameless self-promotion. She did graciously consent to having her picture taken with some individuals and seemed to enjoy the social event.

I enjoyed my evening with Mrs. Tebow, although we did not sit at the same table. Maybe next time. It was clear to me that she believes there is more to life than football, and that helping others, caring for others, and contributing to others and society is equally important and relevant.

I did not impose on Mrs. Tebow and ask her to put me in touch with “Timmie”. He may have more important things to do than to respond to my questions about his education.

I wish both of them the best.

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