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Michael F. Shaughnessy –

Every once in a while Smart Brief on EdTech ( an online blog ) has something interesting. On July 6th, I noticed that they had an article about some school system in Iowa giving principals and assistant principals body cameras. This article is apparently from the Des Moines Register.
Now, is this a good idea, or a bad idea? I guess it depends on your point of view.  If you are a principal, dealing with violent, aggressive, assaultive, destructive students, this might be a very good idea to have documentation in case a teacher is attacked.  Apparently, these body cameras are also to record interactions with parents. I guess principals want to prepare for some police or court case. I have often thought that tape recording certain interactions is  a good thing–to prevent one of those ” but I never said that ” statements.
These body cameras may also tape the vulgarity and profanity that sometimes comes from both parents and students alike.  I guess that the technology is at the point where people can carry around these body cameras quite easily.   Will teachers at some point be wearing these body cameras? Perhaps teachers in special education classrooms, who are working with emotionally disturbed or behaviorally disordered kids might be wearing them. Perhaps the cafeteria personnel will be wearing them soon, and then teachers may either be required to wear them, or choose to wear them in certain periods of the day.
This may certainly change classroom climate, as an element of fear may creep into the classroom. Students may be very aware of their comments being taped for dear mom and dad to listen to later in the day.
It does reflect on our society – where such steps are needed to be taken in the schools. Often these trends ” catch on ” and before one knows it, one’s entire life is being tape recorded for posterity.
Again, I just find this interesting, and there may be pros and cons to each side. Interesting times we live in- to be sure.
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