Commentary: On Andy’s Passing

Nov 6, 2011 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy
Eastern New Mexico University
Portales, New Mexico

I have just learned that Andy Rooney died. He was a staple on 60 Minutes, and someone who always provided a fresh, if jaundiced view of life and the odd, bizarre , things in life that confront us.

Needless to say, he will be missed. Some called him a curmudgeon. I will just call him observant ( another skill that has seemed to fall by the wayside ). He has a wry sense of humor, but a pleasant disposition.

And with his years of experience, he has “seen it all”. And commented upon the honesty and integrity of others when he saw fit. His keen observations were an integral part of 60 Minutes.

I never got to interview him- my mistake- or my lack of time or resourcefulness.

I don’t know if he would have responded to my e-mails. I probably should have sent him a formal letter- with a stamp and envelope. I bet he would have given me his phone number and done a phone interview. I am not sure if he knew how to e-mail. Anyway, in honor of Andy Rooney, I offer the following column—-

The Sunday Paper

I got an extra hour of sleep last night- Daylight Savings Time or something like that- you know- we turn the clocks back an hour.
This was good. I needed that extra hour of sleep. I wonder who keeps track of these hours and where they go.
Anyway, that extra hour allowed me to go out and get the Sunday paper.

There wasn’t much new in it however- There were reams and reams of advertising. There was advertising for Wal-Mart and Walgreens .
Wal-Mart actually had a small book of advertising
There were some colorful pages inserted about books available from Hastings and records and books and C.D.’s.
The new Harry Potter movie is available. And this New Moon and Old Moon and Daybreak and New Eclipse and Old Eclipse.
I sure hope Bella and Edward live happily ever after.
Sears and J.C. Penney had a section inserted into the paper and Bealls had some advertising there too.
Smart Source had a section and there was something about a DISH. I am not sure if they were selling dishes.
There were coupons galore- coupons all over the place.
Gebo’s had a section and the prices were ” slashed “. I wonder who slashes these prices
I saw a wonderful hot fudge sundae and it looked delicious
Then there was Office Max and I was told I could save up to $250.00……WOW !

I tried to read about local news, but couldn’t find much. The Sports section was pretty small, and the Lifestyles section was even smaller.
Then within the paper there were more advertising and advertisements.

I filled up a small garbage can with all of the advertisements. I would really like to get the newspaper without all this advertising, I wonder if that is possible,
There was a local grocery store which provided their SALES in big bold letters.

Fortunately, the comics section did not have any advertising. What a relief.

I just wanted to read about what was going on in the world….I just read about what was going on in the various stores across America.

I guess all this advertising subsidizes the newspapers. But I sure wish the newspapers would provide more news- nationally, statewide or locally.

Perhaps the editors are too busy using SPEEL CHEEK to look for errors.
Perhaps the editors are too busy selling advertising space.
Perhaps the workers are too busy stuffing the paper with all this advertising.

I tried to read the Sports section- there was advertising there in that section too ! All over the place. Not much about basketball- oh wait- there seems to be some sort of problem there-
I heard about it on t.v.

We will try to keep up the good work that Andy started. Rest well Andy. There was some advertising about funeral pre-planning in the paper also.

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