Commentary: Pissed Off

Oct 4, 2013 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

Well, I wake up on Monday morning of this week and turn on the t.v. Do I get good news? No.  Apparently someone in our government thinks that they should “ rope off “ access to monuments that have been set up to honor our veterans. I find out that some imbecile thinks that just because the “ government “ can’t get it’s act together and balance the budget that they are going to prohibit some 80 and 90 year old gents in wheelchairs from paying homage to their fallen comrades who have died so that we are able to live in a pretty good country and pay our taxes so that this government can’t balance it’s budget.

I have to say that I have this thing called a checkbook- and if I write more checks than I have money in the checkbook- well, as you know I have problems…..many problems.


The good thing about the current technology- is that people can share their views. Sometimes I feel inadequate to the chore or task of talking about some topic. So, today, I am going to let Mark Levin do the commenting. Here is the link. Please turn up your speakers so that you can hear him. Thanks.

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